Access creative studios


Who We Are

Access Creative Studios is a thriving initiative that encourages personal development through creatively focused programs. We exist to assist people to live their life according to their goals and aspirations.

Fundamental to this is the provision of personal and skill development opportunities through innovative and holistic programs. We support people in setting personal goals and developing strategies to achieve those goals. This encourages the individual to strive for increasingly higher levels of self-reliance and continual improvement.

What We Do

Operating as a division of Access Australia Group, we are a registered NDIS disability provider working to support participants of all ages with our person-centred approach. Through our programs we seek to pass on invaluable life skills to participants, enhancing confidence and improving life outcomes.

Access Creative Studios employs qualified professionals who are proficient in their area of expertise. For example, those teaching art are practicing artists with current industry knowledge and connections. Years of acquired wisdom are at our participants’ disposal. This is raw knowledge gained over time driven by a personal love of the subject.

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