Three Local Job Seekers Thrive in the Same Workplace

Over the last five years, Low Cost Cars, a large second-hand car retailer in Bendigo, have successfully recruited three new workers via Access Australia Group (AAG), a local employment service. All three workers continue to be employed by Low Cost Cars as part-time car washers and detailers.

Prior to registering with AAG, Beau, Theo and Nathan each had medical conditions that were impacting on their ability to find work.

        ‘Helping our clients to find the right professional support for medical issues is an important part of our role,’ said Tabatha, an employment consultant with AAG. ‘Getting someone’s health on track is often the first step to them finding the right job.’

Beau, Theo and Nathan believe that the pre-employment training program also played a big part in getting ongoing work.

        ‘The program wasn’t about sitting at a desk,’ said Beau. ‘There were group activities like work site visits and training. I got to understand what employers were looking for. It was pretty inspiring.’

For Ray and Suzanne Pignato, the owners of Low Cost Cars, their ongoing relationship with AAG has been a productive one.

        ‘The fact AAG have taken the time to really understand the qualities we are looking for in a potential employee plus did the pre-screening of candidates made the process a lot easier. Beau, Theo and Nathan have each shown themselves to be reliable and hardworking, plus they’ve been really appreciative of us giving them a chance.’

For Beau, Theo and Nathan having regular work in the car industry has been a dream come true. All three workers enjoy the opportunities for learning, while Nathan has set his sights on becoming a mechanic’s apprentice.