Recruitment Assistance – A Free Service

Access Australia Group helps employers in Central Victoria recruit the right staff. We give more help and ongoing support than employers usually expect, and it’s free.

Matching the right job seeker with your business is our passion

We’re proud of our twenty-five year history of supporting people with diverse backgrounds and abilities to find employment, especially the fact that so many keep their jobs.

Why choose us?

Here at Access Australia Group we understand the importance of the right job placement – for you as the employer, and our job seekers; also the reputation of our organisation. That’s why so many employers return to us with their recruitment needs.


Your business may qualify for government-funded wage subsidies and other incentives for appointing our candidates to fill ongoing roles. Our consultants have a strong knowledge of this area and can do the paperwork for you.

We work hard to make sure our job seekers are work-ready and keen

Our job seeker training programs are designed to build the skills local business needs. We can also organise insured work trials, internships and work placements to help ensure a candidate is good fit for your particular workplace.

A diverse mix of staff in a business can be its greatest strength

Many of our jobseekers have a range of experience including professional backgrounds and trades; also keen young people with realistic work expectations, some of whom have a disability. All of our job-ready candidates are eager for an employer to give them a go.

It can be easy to overlook the possibility of recruiting people who face barriers to employment, yet by making your recruitment processes barrier-free, you ensure the best person for the job is chosen. You’ll also broaden the social impact of your business, potentially strengthening customer loyalty.

How we help

  • work with you to identify ways to meet your recruitment needs
  • help you prepare job descriptions
  • present you with candidates who are job-ready and meet your key selection criteria
  • assist you to source staff to fill your high-turnover jobs, busy periods, casual jobs and positions you’ve found difficult to fill
  • organise wage subsidies and other incentives you are eligible for to off-set the cost of taking on a new employee
  • address skill gaps; also arrange apprenticeships and traineeships

And that’s just the beginning

We then offer support to both your business and the new employee after they’ve started work for as long as you need us. This can include:

  • training specific to the new employee’s role via government-funded services or on-the-job-mentoring
  • team-building workshops for staff including health and disability awareness training
  • organising (and sourcing funding if eligible) workplace modifications, computer software upgrades, or equipment your new might employee need to do their job well such as a specialised keyboard, or appropriate footwear.

Our consultants are skilled at identifying ways to address any challenges if they arise.

We can make it even easier with our payroll service

For a small fee, AAG can set up and / or run your payroll – a maximum of eight employees. This service is particularly useful for businesses that have not employed staff previously.

How to get started

Contact our Employment Services team

Freecall 1800 268 549, or message us below